CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) – Your car needs to be fixed or the annual car service is coming up, but you don’t know what makes a good auto repair shop? If that’s you, we’ve got you covered.

For today’s segment of this week’s ‘I wish I knew’ series, we invited Greg Miller, the owner of Figs Auto Repair to the studio to share four things we need to know before heading into an auto shop with us.

Greg Miller shared 4 things to keep in mind about car maintenance with us.
Greg Miller shared 4 things to keep in mind about car maintenance with us.(Source: Kristen Miranda)

According to Miller, a lot of the time, they don’t know how much the repair will cost until they’ve seen the vehicle. However, after an initial inspection, good shops will provide a cost estimate and await your approval before proceeding with the work.

Miller also advised sticking with one auto shop since it will help them better serve you and your car in the future.

What’s more, he encouraged open and honest communication about any vehicle issues to help the experts get to the bottom of things quickly and efficiently.

“For whatever reason, people think if they give us as little information as possible, they might save money but if we have to spend more time digging into the issue, it may cost even more,” Miller said.

In addition to that, the owner of Figs Auto Repair also stressed the importance of regular car maintenance to limit future repairs to the vehicle.

A smooth ride starts with a well-maintained suspension system. From shocks to struts, our expert team ensures your vehicle handles bumps and turns with ease.

Posted by Figs Auto Repair on Friday, March 22, 2024

“All of these rubber and plastic pieces break down over time and all of these fluids wear out over time,” Miller said.

Lastly, according to Miller, the auto mechanic industry has seen significant changes since COVID, regarding the availability, accuracy, and quality of certain car parts.

As a result, turnaround times on repairs and maintenance may be longer than they were before the pandemic.

Miller said at Figs Auto Repair, they try to set these expectations up front and provide shuttle rides or loaner cars to make life easier for their customers.

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