The Sesto Elemento was an incredibly rare breed of Lamborghini supercar. Only 20 were ever made, and it is unlikely we will ever see anything like it again. This is thanks to the fact that supercars will one day go full electric. The Sesto Element will always remain a truly special Lamborghini.

Lamborghini gave the lightweight supercar a big V10 engine

Even though making the Sesto Elemento as light as possible was a big aim here, Lamborghini still wanted it to produce oodles of power. And they did just that with a fearsome 5.2-liter V10 engine that they had taken from the Gallardo Superleggera. This engine provided 570 PS or 562 hp in total, making it easily one of the most powerful Lamborghinis of modern times. The performance figures help the car to stand out, with a ludicrous 0-62 mph/0-100 km/h time of just 2.5 seconds. For a car that was made back in the early 2010s, that still holds up great.

It is even more remarkable thanks to the fact that it is 0.3 seconds quicker to that figure than the 808 hp Sian hybrid. A top speed of 356 km/h or 221 mph also gives you an understanding of just how potent this Lamborghini was. The Sesto Elemento is also living proof that, yes, you can have all the power in the world. But if you create a car that is crazy light, it can go almost as fast. Something else proven by the lightness of the Sesto Elemento

The Sesto Elemento is one of Lamborghini’s lightest supercars

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Supercar

Photo: Lamborghini

Virtually every major component on the Sesto Elemento is made out of carbon fiber. The chassis, body, drive shaft, and the suspension components are all carbon fiber. The overall weight is thus incredibly low. To put it into context, the Gallardo Superleggera that the car got its engine from weighs 3,350 lbs in LP 570-4 form. The Sesto Elemento weighs just 2,202 lbs in kerb weight, which makes it a light car, full stop. Especially compared to many cars that are currently on the market, supercar or otherwise.

To put it into more context, 2,202 lbs is not a dissimilar weight to many subcompact cars of the time. Lamborghini also went full-on with the innovations on this car. This is on full show thanks to the use of forged carbon fiber throughout its construction, used in the tub and the suspension arms. This was an all-new type of carbon developed by both Lamborghini and Callaway Golf Company. The reduced weight is what helps to give the supercar its insane 0-62 mph time and its incredibly fast top speed. Perhaps more incredible is the exclusivity that surrounds this epic model.

The enigma around how many Sesto Elementos were produced

Officially, Lamborghini announced they would produce 20 examples of the Sesto Elemento. That already makes it a hugely exclusive model, but there are rumors that Lamborghini could not find customers for 20 of the cars. The high price tag was likely behind that, with the Sesto Elemento costing $6.5 million at the time. The fact that the Sesto Elemento was a track-only exclusive supercar perhaps also played against Lamborghini being able to sell all of the units made. The rumors are that the Italian carmaker only managed to produce ten examples of the supercar for sale.

Lamborghini has never admitted to producing just ten examples. Even if VINs indicate only ten examples. It is possible all 20 were made, with ten staying at Lamborghini in storage. There is definitely an enigma around how many examples actually exist, but we may never know just how many Lamborghini did produce.

Lamborghini’s Sesto Elemento will always remain special

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Supercar

Photo: Lamborghini

Special supercars like the Sesto Elemento will always remain rare. Even more so as we move into the hybrid and electric world. Despite the fact they couldn’t sell all 20 examples, Lamborghini did produce one of the lightest supercars in history. One that featured the typical, crazy Lamborghini styling that we all know and love.

More importantly, the Sesto Elemento still had a V10 engine under the hood. An engine that is now very much dying out and set to become a thing of the past. We are highly unlikely to see a car like the Sesto Elemento again, and it will always remain one of Lamborghini’s greatest special models.


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