Steve Hamilton from The Hamilton Collection is up to no good when he exacts some supercar revenge on The Stradman.

Most friends enjoy pranking each other from time to time. Usually, it’s something simple and inexpensive like putting sugar in the salt shaker or placing a rubber spider on their pillow.

But some people think that borrowing friends’ supercars and wrapping them in a funky color and design is a better prank. And that’s exactly what transpires in the latest video release on The Hamilton Collection YouTube channel, where Steve finally gets his revenge on The Stradman by getting creative with his beloved Lamborghini Gallardo.

Where It Started For The Stradman And Steve Hamilton

Most car enthusiasts are familiar with The Stradman (real name: James Lucas Condon) from his insanely popular YouTube channel where he posts video content featuring his stunning collection of exotic supercars, featuring cars such as a Ferrari 458 Spider, a Ferrari F430 Challenge, a Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV, and a Lamborghini Aventador.

James wasn’t always living the high life though. When he started his channel back in 2012, The Stradman was practically broke. Now, after a lot of hard work and a ton of videos, he’s reportedly earning $800,000 per year and has over four million dedicated subscribers.

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His good friend, Steve Hamilton of The Hamilton Collection, also has a legion of subscribers and has his own stunning arsenal of supercars like a Ford GT, a McLaren Senna, and a Porsche 918 Spyder. He also owns a Bugatti Chiron and that’s where all the trouble started. Back in November 2022, The Stradman pranked Steve by taking his elegant metallic black Chiron and coloring it pink and chrome. An epic prank if there ever was one.

Revenge On The Stradman Is Purple Sweet

The Stradman's Purple Lamborghini Gallardo
Source: YouTube @ The Hamilton Collection

A lot of Bugatti Chiron owners would be furious if someone colored their prized possession in such a gaudy manner, but Steve Hamilton took it in good spirits and even kept the pink and chrome on his beloved supercar. But he wanted to get even with the Stradman, and has now sneakily borrowed his good friend’s yellow Lamborgini Gallardo.

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He’s brought it to Chicago Auto Pros and had the Lamborghini wrapped with a matte purple and black color scheme and portrait images of James’ dog, Oscar, on almost every panel. We don’t get to see James’s reaction to this hilarious prank, but Stradman will likely post that funny moment on his YouTube channel very soon. We can’t wait to see that, and this probably isn’t the end of the supercar pranks between these two popular YouTubers.


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