Sydney Sweeney knew who she was from a very early age. For as long as Sydney could remember, everybody knew about her love for cars. She never knew exactly what it was. She just knew there was something special about her garage. (Are you picking up the reference here? Good.)

“I feel like I am the most me when I’m at the shop,” Sweeney, the actress who portrays the sweetly vulnerable Cassie Howard on Euphoria, told Hypebeast. She’s a bonafide car girl, and anyone with a TikTok account knows it. Her page, @Syds_Garage, which presently boasts more than 1.7 million followers, is proof that she practices what she preaches: take a few scrolls, and among many other things, she’ll teach you how to install a fuel pump and add power steering to a Ford Mustang. Her own Mustang is bright blue and named Britney, if you were wondering.

Sweeney created the account to share her progress in the shop with her family members, but it quickly blossomed into something even more meaningful. (She is famous, after all.) “It turned into this cool platform to show girls and anybody else who has passions, no matter what they are, that they can pursue ‘em,” she said.

Now, in partnership with Ford, Sweeney’s car crush is growing even larger. The actress has designed a custom 2024 Ford Mustang GT, inspired by her very own Britney, that will be given to one lucky fan in an exclusive giveaway. “I’ve pulled a lot of the retro vibes from my own Mustang and put them into this modern 2024 version,” she explained. “There are a lot of details that scream ‘Syd.’ I love it.”

It’s true: the vehicle is equipped with a Robin’s Egg Blue exterior (much like Britney) that features a crushed-glass clear coat and 20-inch chrome rims. The Ford x Sydney Sweeney heart bolt emblem, which previously appeared all over her workwear collaboration with the automaker, resides on the exterior side panels, the sill plate, the dashboard and the leather seats. Meanwhile, color-changing LED stars dot the interior ceiling, nodding to Sweeney’s love for nighttime drives, and the engine is signed by the actress herself.

“This car is for anyone who dreams big,” Sweeney said. “It’s for someone who can find that DNA connection to their vehicles. I think you can always tell when someone can actually breathe with their car. I know that sounds so odd, but when you speak to car people, they can understand, hear and feel their car.”

As Mustang hopefuls drop their numbers in the hat, the Hollywood star-turned-mechanic is back and busy in her garage. “I have my next project lined up already,” she confirmed. “When I film Euphoria, I like to have a car in the shop to work on whenever I’m not on set. I get to be more Syd. It grounds me.” As for what exactly that project is? That’s a secret she’ll never tell, but judging by the giddy voice she used to dance around the topic, it’s clear that she’s never, ever been happier.

You can now enter the giveaway for Sydney Sweeney’s custom 2024 Ford Mustang GT by sharing how you “defy stereotypes to pursue your passions” on Ford’s Instagram and TikTok channels. Take a look at the car in the galleries above.


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