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Author Poloting Ferrari PUROSANGUE

Letter from Europe
Andrew Frankl
European Bureau Chief
The Auto Channel

Author’s Note: I have had quite a week in Italy, two Ferrari’s -brand new- two Lamborghini’s also brand new Plus McLaren plus Bentley… over 1 and a half mill worth of very beautiful and very fast metal. leather, electrics and carbon-fiber.

Dear reader, I have been writing for the The Auto Channel for over 25 years and finally I am able to produce a world exclusive!

As my long time readers know, every year I am at the Monaco Grand Prix, after which my Son
Nicholas and daughter Annabelle (also Auto Channel contributors) join me in a quick dash to Maranello, the holy grail for Ferrari enthusiasts.

This year a brand new Ferrari PUROSANGUE awaited me. I should explain that PS is an important new departure for the Company.

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Some superficial observers will simply see it as yet another SUV along the lines of Aston Martin’s DBX 707 and Lamborghini’s updated Urus performante.

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Which the PS most certainly isn’t. It is a high speed express for 4 people in total comfort, no, there is no fifth seat, no it isn’t as versatile as the Lambo or the DBX but It is the nearest thing to an iconic two seater sports car that artists can design, as engineers can put into motion and craftsman can build.

Having driven the PS with and without passengers, It is clear to me that those in the rear would not be very happy on mountain passes, because however comfortable are the beautifully made leather seats the law of physics would dictate that you would get thrown around.

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Is it worth 4 hundred thousand dollars?

The question doesn’t really arise, if you are a high net
worth individual the figures are meaningless. nobody buys the Purosangue in monthly

Buyers would add it to their collection and use it to take friends to their nearest Ritz Carlton or the Beverly Hills hotel for which this very speedy machine is eminently suitable.

It is equally suitable to enjoy as transportation to business meetings 200 miles away for 4 colleagues in a hurry. It sure beats waiting for flying weather, and police permitting a lot more fun.


Would I buy one? The question doesn’t really arise but as a concept..absolutely. I would buy
It for its magical V12 engine with sounds that alone is worth the money if you can afford it. (If you gotta ask how much you can’t affor it)

Faults? The one that really upset me was the lack of navigation system. Use Apple or Android said the Ferrari concierge as he handed me the keys. I am afraid they are completely wrong. You can lose a phone, you can be without a signal, or even “No Service”.. I am sure Ferrari will get lots of complaints on that score.

My other beef is of course the myriad levers, buttons, switches and other control interfaces. you name it. Not only do you have to be mega rich, you also need a degree in mechanical engineering. unless all you want to do is start it and drive it without getting the benefits of side slip control-whatever that might be.

In conclusion is it special?


Is it a niche model?

No question.

Ferrari realize this and will keep production to just 20 percent of their total product mix.


The Ferrari Purosangue is the first ever four-door, four-seater car in Ferrari’s history, but models with two rear seats have played a significant role in the company’s strategy since the very beginning. Now, in the culmination of 75 years of leading-edge research, Ferrari has created a unique car and the encapsulation of the Prancing Horse’s DNA, where performance, driving pleasure and comfort coexist in perfect harmony. And that’s why this new model was called Ferrari Purosangue – Italian for thoroughbred.

On the other hand the Lamborghini URUS Performante is the quintessential SUV

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I have been driving the URUS all over Italy and can confirm that the current iteration only got better and better.

The latest modifications include a tiny increase in horsepower from 650 to 666, a symbolic gesture.

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The V8 engine with It’s twin turbo is pretty phenomenal going from 0 to 200 kilometers in 11.5 seconds.

The weight of the Lambo has been reduced by the extensive use of carbon fiber. The big difference between these two exceptional products is the lack of versatility of the Ferrari. It does what it was designed for brilliantly but the Lambo scores on several counts.

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It does carry five people in comfort and it does all the other things an SUV is supposed to do.


No problem.

Surfboard ?

No problem.

Tons of luggage?

No problem.

For those of a more playful nature it even includes a new driving mode called Rally for literally
Playing in the dirt.

Drifting in an SUV?


So if you love Ferrari as I do and have this special affinity towards the Prancing Horse plus the
V12 engine get one into your stable of cars.

If you need versatility then the Lambo is for you.

Before we say goodbye to our Italian friends let us not forget the Aston Martin DBX 707, a
First class product and a serious SUV supercar rival.

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Aston Martin DBX707

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Aston Martin DBX707

I’ve spent a week driving these supercar SUV’s, so make sure you get time to take them for meaningful drive time before you make your purchase decision.

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I didn’t make it any easier for you to choose but then this is what I am paid for.

That’s it for us here in Italy…thanks for coming along for the ride, see you next month…

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Cheers, Andrew, Nicholas and Annabelle


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