RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A Raleigh auto shop technician who rescued a six-week-old kitten hiding in a car has officially adopted her, according to Quality Plus Automotive Service, Inc.

(Quality Plus Automotive Service)

The auto shop, located in Raleigh and Wake Forest, shared the story of how a the rescue turned into a fur-ever home for the little kitten.

They said technician Chris Hayes has officially adopted “Charcoal,” the gray kitten he rescued from the wheel well of a woman’s car in March.

After the lonely kitten got scared along a busy road and ran into the undercarriage, an Animal Control officer told the woman to take the car to the nearest auto shop, where she and Hayes successfully freed the kitten.

Once the kitten was free, the auto shop said she legally became the responsibility of the Animal Control officer at the scene.

They said she received a medical checkup and was placed in the care of a local rescue until she was old enough to be spayed and adopted.

Chris and Stephanie (Quality Plus Automotive Service)

“The tiny kitten has been on Chris and his wife Stephanie’s minds ever since,” the auto shop shared.

“Their elderly cat had passed away in December, and they had recently begun talking about adopting a kitten,” they said. “Stephanie really wanted to find a gray kitten like the one she had as a girl.”

While Chris was underneath the car working to free the kitten, he said he kept thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if this is a gray kitten?”

As soon as she popped out, he got his answer.

“Sometimes things (and cats) literally just seem to fall into place!” the auto shop said.

The auto shop said Chris and Stephanie applied to adopt the kitten and waited to hear when she was ready to be adopted.

When that time came, they brought her home and named her “Charcoal.”

(Quality Plus Automotive Service)

Charcoal is now spending her time happily exploring her new digs and keeping the Hayes household busy with her lively antics, according to the auto shop.

“Chris and Stephanie love her playful and adventurous nature,” they said. “One thing for sure, any future car rides will see this little stowaway riding in style inside a crate – not underneath – a car!”

Congratulations on your new home, Charcoal!


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