Mocca-colored headscarves have always been a favorite of hijabers, to the point that they are confused about which color-of-mocca headscarf matches with other clothes?

Mocca is a color derivative of chocolate. Initially, mocca was a name taken from the type of coffee, namely mocca coffee. Because the colors are very similar, halfway between dark brown and light brown, the color is finally named the color mocca. Hijab Many people have also felt that mocca can give the impression of being neat, clean, elegant, and luxurious. That’s what causes many office clothes such as blazers and some other formal items to be mocca in color.

Using a mocca-colored hijab will also support your appearance because it will look more classy and elegant. The neutral mocca color also has a psychological meaning, which is a color that symbolizes honesty, sincerity, and seriousness.

Mocca Colored Veil Goes With What Color Shirt? 

1. Denim blue shirt 

Denim blue color is a suitable color when combined with mocca color. In this fashion style, you will look more colorful and not boring. In the photo above, the mocca hijab will make your clothing style more attractive because the mocca color looks lighter than your clothes.

2. Orange color shirt 

If you like to look colorful, you can try this outfit. A mocca hood and orange clothes will make you look cheerful and excited. If there is a mocca-colored veil, you don’t need to be afraid to use a bright color like orange because the mocca color itself can be a neutral color that can tone down some other bright colors.

3. White clothes 

A white shirt with a mocca-colored hijab will make your outfit look more calm, elegant, and classy. These two beautiful neutral colors are sure to make you look more elegant. Unisma But, if you want to maintain that elegant impression, you can just use white and mocca. Choose a subordinate color that matches the color of your hijab so it doesn’t seem too crowded.

4. Cream color clothes

If this is clearly a very aesthetic style! Outfit colors like this are perfect for making OOTD photos and then posting them on your Instagram account. Why can it look aesthetic and Instagrammable? Because the cream color shirt and the mocca colored scarf are earth tone colors. The color gives you a natural impression. Suitable as an outfit to go to a cafe.

5. Mocca color shirt 

Of course, the mocca color hood will match the mocca color shirt as well. But remember! Things like this are actually quite tricky. You can use mocca-colored clothes for the reason that it is easier and simpler to combine colors. However, the order of the same two colors will actually make your look too calm and seem boring. You can, yes, use other variations like the one in the photo. Hijab For example, wear a white shirt and then layer it with a mocca color cardigan.

Well, now you know what color the mocca hood matches with the clothes. Who here just realized that the color of mocca is beautiful after reading the article just now? It turns out that the mocca color is very elegant and classy.
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