‘We are doing whatever we want’ reads the caption on social media for Liberty Walk’s latest creation. Which, yes, is a Lamborghini Countach. It’s a slogan that neatly summarises the attitude of Wataru Kato’s brand over the past 30 years or so; Liberty Walk doesn’t especially care for tradition or convention, because it’s doing it anyway. And it’s picked up a fair bit of business (as well as a lot of fans) along the way doing so. 

Even by its usual standards, however, this is extreme. Not least because there aren’t many Countaches left at less than a million quid now, so it’s a huge investment of time and cash. This is a rather different prospect to an Abarth, or even an Aventador really, when it comes to value. But once you’ve slammed an F40, where do you go next?

The entire bodykit comprises a front bumper/splitter/canard arrangement, then side skirt and even side diffuser, plus rear wing, roof scoop and diffuser. Completed, of course, by wings engorged like hamster’s cheeks, to make a notoriously wide car even chunkier still. Everything is available individually for those who want to take baby steps into it, though there aren’t prices yet. Of course, if you’re modifying a flippin’ Countach, money is not a primary concern. 

It’s hard to know where exactly to focus the attention, though it’s pretty hard to avoid the rear. Always so dramatic even in production form (and especially for a 50-year-old car), the look is now utterly outrageous. Each tyre must now be almost 400mm wide (because they were something like 335-section as standard), the diffuser looks like something from a Tough Mudder course, and the spoiler is as wide as a runway is long. The Liberty Walk font up there must be visible from space. If anything the four exhaust pipes that could almost be standard looks a little undernourished given everything else. 

While there are some obvious motorsport influences, from the tyre tread to the harnesses and bucket seats to decals, like all Liberty Walk work this Countach will be designed for maximum clout on the street. Presumably with a nose lift or a tweak to the suspension, of course, or the only thing it’ll be clouting is every single thing that isn’t a perfectly level piece of tarmac.    

Thinking practically is surely missing the point, however. Liberty Walk has achieved exactly what it set out to do, which is to make one of the world’s most attention-grabbing supercars even more unignorable. It’s designed, engineered and built a stunning new bodykit for the kind of car everyone says you must never touch; it’s hard not to be just slightly in awe of the sheer audacity. And talk about a surefire way to have a Lamborghini like nobody else’s. Bring on Auto Salon 2025 already – presumably that’ll feature a Liberty Walk Zonda. 


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