Lamborghini is working on an entirely new supercar that will arrive as the successor of the Aventador. The Italian supercar manufacturer has revealed the specifications of the upcoming model. The Lamborghini Aventador succeeding model gets an internal codename LB744. It comes equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 engine paired with three different electric motors, generating nearly 1,000 hp of peak power.

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07 Mar 2023, 15:37 PM

Lamborghini Aventador succeeding LB744 supercar gets a V12 engine with triple electric motors for nearly 1,000 hp power output.
Lamborghini Aventador succeeding LB744 supercar gets a V12 engine with triple electric motors for nearly 1,000 hp power output.

Lamborghini has also revealed that the highly anticipated new supercar will have a 180-degree rotated engine. The automaker also claims that the 218 kg weighing upcoming supercar will be 17 kg lighter than its predecessor. The company also claimed that the LB744 could churn out 813 hp of peak power at 9,250 rpm and 725 Nm of maximum torque at 6,750 rpm.

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The top-spec V12 engine is the special Lamborghini Aventadors like Invencible and Autentica, which are pairs of one-off models that come capable of generating 769 hp of peak power and 720 Nm of maximum torque. The new V12 engine-powered model almost matches the 818 hp generating track-focused Essenza SCV12.

The upcoming Lamborghini flagship’s internal combustion engine will deliver power to the rear wheels, while the twin electric motors drive the front axle. A third electric motor is there that routes its power to the rear wheels depending on the driving mode and road conditions. The car gets a newly developed eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission for transmission duty. The transmission is not only lighter than the Lamborghini Huracan’s, but it also changes gears quicker. Lamborghini also says that the gearbox will also find its way into the Huracan’s successor.

The car gets a lithium-ion battery pack in the drive tunnel, which weighs 193 kg. The 3.8-kWh lithium-ion battery pack mounted in the central tunnel can be charged at up to 7 kW, which takes half an hour to charge fully. It can also be replenished via the regenerative braking of the front wheels or straight from the V12 in only six minutes, claims Lamborghini.

The upcoming Lamborghini LB744 will come with an all-wheel drive but will act as a front-wheel-drive EV while reversing. The rear-mounted electric motor can also kick in, depending on road conditions. The automaker claims that this model will ensure 30 per cent less CO2 emissions compared to the Ultimae.

First Published Date: 07 Mar 2023, 15:37 PM IST


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