Here are some ways to safely, transportation for cars :

1. Inventory of goods in the Car

Inventory of goods in the car and also in the trunk, especially valuable personal items. Usually cars that are sent for office or moving home are just personal items that are sent along with the purpose of pressing the cost of transportation of goods such as: books, computers, stereo sets, or other accessories. The shipment of goods delivered in conjunction with the car is to report to the parties Insurance. Should the value of the lost item fulfill the requirement to be replaced, then Insurance will replace the lost item.

2. Car wash and photo, detail information : car delivery

Wash the car body carefully. Wash and check the exterior of the car to be shipped. Note and note any defects / defects that already exist. If necessary, photograph and document, including photos of all cars from various angles. In the event of undesirable situations in the sending time of the car, the documentation of the photograph may be used as proof of claim. In the process of handover in the street letters no note car scratched or not, to facilitate the process of claim to insurance later.

3. Check the machine

At the time of loading and unloading process there are times when the car may have to be ridden, so make sure the condition of the engine and other driving systems in good condition. Check the battery parts, tires, engine oil, gearbox oil, axle, cooler, etc. Notify companies that send cars, problems that may or may not have been experienced by cars so they are better prepared.

4. Turn Off Alarm

Lastly, turn off the car alarm. If you do not know how, contact the installer or the car dealer. If you forget but have sent the car, make sure the sender is told how to disable it.

5. Choose Trusted Insurance

Step in choosing an insurance company for the delivery of the car is not easy, sometimes the sender is only given general information only about the matter of cheap premiums, collateral obtained but not specifically about the special insurance for the delivery of the car.Is the shipping trip process is already covered insurance not yet, if Happened unexpected circumstances at dock, inside ship, process of loading and unloading ?? For this matter you should consult first to the Company Shipping Services, let the shipping service companies choose the best insurance for you.

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