According to IBIS World, there were 282,637 auto repair companies in the United States in 2022. Overall, the car mechanics industry is worth $78.4 billion. The statistics also show that the average revenue per auto repair business is around $275,972. It’s logical to assume that starting a car repair business should be profitable.

However, owning a car repair shop doesn’t guarantee high income. Auto shop owners have to consider different factors to ensure their profitability. For instance, auto repair owners should secure regular detailing supplies, choose a good location, and hire competent employees.

This article covers all aspects that enable car repair shop owners to generate more profit and expand their businesses.

What to Consider When Starting an Auto Repair Shop?

Starting a business is exciting. Most of us believe we can generate income immediately after launch. The reality is different. Many business owners are forced to terminate their companies for different reasons. However, there are simple ways to secure a car repair shop’s future. Here’s what you should consider before starting a car repair business:

  • Location and equipment.
  • Quality detailing supplies.

Let’s delve into the details of each mentioned factor.

Location and Equipment

You may purchase an existing garage or start from scratch. It will take a lot of money to equip an empty building with all the necessary equipment, and you won’t be able to get your shop up and running as soon as you want.

At the same time, a ready-made garage will almost certainly be more expensive to purchase outright. Avoid choosing shops in the proper location (convenient to reach). Take your time; otherwise, you risk regretting your decision.


Auto repair shops don’t often employ large teams. However, you must guarantee the best services to your clients. Your mechanics’ skills will influence whether or not your clients are happy with the service they receive. Getting competent staff may lead to higher salaries, but the investment is worthwhile.

A skilled worker will not only complete the assignment but will also do it in the shortest period. You’ll also need someone who can communicate effectively with your customers unless you want to handle management.


Marketing is critical to keeping a healthy profit margin. A business must acquire new clients regularly, which is the primary approach to boost revenue dramatically. Create social media accounts, write blog posts, run targeted advertisements, and monitor analytics to see what channels work best. Invest in those channels that bring revenue.

Quality Detailing Supplies

Imagine choosing a great location, hiring amazing employees, and investing in advertising while reducing the costs of buying supplies and materials. Doesn’t it sound like a recipe for disaster? Exactly! You should ensure finding reliable detail and material suppliers to offer the best quality of services.

Final Thoughts

Starting a business is exciting, especially in such a profitable industry as car repair. However, don’t forget about other responsibilities unrelated directly to car repair. You should have proper marketing of your services.

Moreover, you must handle finding reliable suppliers of details. Don’t forget about accounting. Many small businesses can get reimbursements since they deal with equipment depreciation. Overall, you should keep expenses as low as possible while not reducing the cost of services and materials to keep the business profitable and successful.


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