Learn how to buy an auto shop in GTA 5 and launch your own car modding company! Discover the factors to consider and the benefits of owning an auto shop.

Do you wish to launch your own car modding company in Grand Theft Auto V Online? In this case, you may want to consider purchasing an auto shop in the game.

Below, you’ll read:

  • Factors to consider on how to get auto shop GTA 5
  • What an auto shop GTA 5 can do for you

Factors to consider while buying an Auto Shop in GTA 5

Before jumping in, read these factors before purchasing an auto shop.

1.Enroll as a VIP, CEO, or MC president to own an auto shop

Your first step is to visit the LS Car Meet marked on the map and buy an Auto Shop from the Maze Bank Foreclosures webpage. However, you need to sign up as a VIP, CEO, or MC president before you can purchase an auto shop.

2. Purchase an auto shop and LS car meet membership

Once you’ve signed up, you can use your mobile device to access the Maze Bank Foreclosures and buy an auto shop. Prices at the auto shop begin at GTA $1,670,000, and an additional GTA $50,000 is required to acquire the LS Car Meet Membership.

3. Get the strawberry auto shop for free with Twitch Prime

If you want to save money, sign up for Twitch Prime and you’ll receive the Strawberry Auto Shop as a reward. After linking your Twitch Prime and GTA 5 accounts, the Strawberry Auto Shop will be made available to you at no cost after a short wait. 

What Can One Auto Shop Do for You in GTA 5?

Buying an auto shop in GTA 5 allows you to run a legitimate vehicle modding company while also taking on slightly outlawed contracts on the side. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from owning an auto shop:

1. New missions and income

Once you’ve bought an auto shop and unlocked the upper level, you can start taking on missions that are very similar to heists. Auto shop ownership also provides a reliable source of income, the exact amount of which is unknown as of this writing.

2. Access to Exotic Exports list

In addition, you’ll have access to an Exotic Exports list that requires you to locate and steal ten vehicles from various locations in Los Santos. Steal them all and you’ll get a massive payoff.

3. Modding bay and personal vehicle storage

You can also modify your own automobiles in the modding bay that comes standard with your auto shop. The modding bay can be used by your friends as well, and you can expand your auto shop to accommodate yet another car lift if you so desire. You’ll have your own private quarters with a bed, gun safes, and wardrobe in the loft area, in addition to parking space for ten vehicles.


How to get auto shop GTA 5 is fairly simple, and is a valuable investment that can offer players new missions, access to an Exotic Exports list, personal vehicle storage, and a reliable source of income. With the option of acquiring the Strawberry Auto Shop for free with Twitch Prime, players have even more incentive to own their own car modding company and take on slightly outlawed contracts on the side.


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