Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online’s new event week is underway and will last through May 24, 2023. As part of the new weekly update, players are being offered bonus payouts on many multiplayer modes and in-game missions. One such mission type is the Auto Shop Robbery Contracts, handing out triple money and RP this week.

To play these contract missions, players need to own an Auto Shop in the game and complete some of its setup missions. While veterans must be familiar with the process, beginners may require assistance. In this regard, here is how to earn millions with Auto Shop Robbery Contracts in GTA Online this week.

GTA Online guide: How to earn millions with Auto Shop Robbery Contracts this week


Auto Shops in GTA Online are a type of purchasable property ranging from $1,670,000 to $1,920,000 on regular days. However, they are available on a 30% discount this event week. Hence, it is a great opportunity for those who don’t have one.

After purchasing an Auto Shop, you must complete its setup mission, Impounded Car. Once this is done, Robbery Contracts will be available on the job board outside the Auto Shop office. Eight contracts are available in the game, three of which appear at random on the job board.

Here is a list of all eight Auto Shop Robbery Contract missions :

  • The Bank Contract
  • The Data Contract
  • The Superdollar Deal
  • The Prison Contract
  • The Agency Deal
  • The E.C.U Job
  • The Lost Contract
  • The Union Depository Contract

Out of all these contracts, only one can be chosen at a time. Each of them features two free-mode setup missions followed by a finale. You can complete them solo or invite up to three more players to participate. Certain perks known as Contract Abilities are also available depending on your LS Car Meet rank.

The total payout for a Robbery Contract’s setup missions and finale is close to $200,000 and even more in some cases. Moreover, completing each type of Robbery Contract for the first time rewards you with a bonus of $75,000.

Given how Rockstar Games has increased the payout to thrice the usual amount, players can easily earn millions by replaying Auto Shop Robbery Contract missions throughout May 24, 2023.

[May 18- 25]3x GTA$ & RP- Auto Shop Client Jobs- Auto Shop Contracts- 7 New Community Series Modes2x GTA$ & RP- Vehicle Vendetta Street Adversary Mode- Daily Exotic Exports2x Reputation- LS Car Meet Rep#GTAOnline

It is worth noting that Robbery Contract finales only allow the usage of Tuner Cars in GTA Online. However, those who do not possess a car of that category can use Sessanta’s (Auto Shop associate) Tailgater S for the duration of the finale. Furthermore, only specific weapon loadouts can be used in the finale, much like the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online.

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