Car detailing is not a kind of process that you need to do frequently. You just have to roll up your sleeves once a year to complete a first-class cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing, etc of your car. The level of cleanliness you need depends on your preferences. The more you maintain your car the less you face problems while you sell any car in Dubai or somewhere else. Read this helpful article before you begin.

Before you begin 

The difference between normal and an incredible result depends upon the tools you use and the time you spend on your job. It helps to use specific car detailing products for certain tasks. Just like toothbrushes come in handy that are harder to clean, like vents and grilles. Cotton swabs are useful in these spots.

You should also try to use branded products for quality results and safety. But be confident to read the labels. Sometimes the branded products are not really suitable for all paint finishes. Moreover, you should keep in mind that keep in mind the car detailing process does not take five-minutes, rather it is a high-quality car detailing job that can take between four and eight hours. Here are the following steps for car detailing.

●      Getting the hard-to-reach places

First, you have to work on the interior. For this purpose, use compressed air in a can to blow dirt out from the tiny holes By this you will prevent all the dirt you brush out from undoing exterior detailing work. The detailing will keep your car fit and you will get reasonable cash when you sell your car in Dubai.

●      Working from the top down

Cloth headliners created a problem since they are stuck to the roof. The process of removing marks and stains can be really tough. But keep in mind that headliners shouldn’t get wet. Use a microfiber cloth with an upholstery cleaner designed for use. Brush the complete headliner lightly with a dry part of the cloth. Then, use cleaner to the cloth and not directly to the headliner and gently brush everything. For strong spots, wet only one corner of the cloth with cleaner and brush lightly.

●      Cleaning vinyl, plastic, and windows

You can clean the hard interior surfaces with a cloth moistened with a cleaner. Use a window cleaner on the interior glass. One more tip is to finish the glass by rubbing with a balled-up newspaper to give it a shine. The car detailing will help you sell any car in Dubai as well.

●       Scrubbing the seats 

When it comes to the cleaning of the seats then you should have to use the foaming cleaners specially designed for his purpose. It also helps to have an upholstery brush. Moreover, use only a leather conditioner on real leather and never use a vinyl cleaner. Here is an advice for you that  If you have pet hair on fabric upholstery, wrap wide masking tape around your hand with the sticky surface out. Then repeat with new tape until all areas are completed. If your car interior and exterior you can sell any car easily as every one likes clean cars no matter its old or new. Having a clean car is always a plus.

●      Taking out the floor mats

For this, put out all of the heavily soiled items out of your car separately. Here are the following tips to help your people.

  • The mats made up of rubber and fabric should be washed outside of the car.
  • If you see that your mats are worn, then you should replace them with new ones.
  • For minor carpet, stains use a foaming cleanser.
  • Avoid getting carpets soaked with water or cleaner, so mold won’t become a problem.

So these are the tips.

●      Stopping by the car wash 

If you visit the local self-serve car wash to use their high-pressure hoses to clean the wheels wells then it is not bad. While you’re there, you can also use their high-powered vacuum on your upholstery, dashboard, and carpeting before going.

●      Finishing touches to the exterior

Detail the doorjambs by heavy grease that should be wiped off with dry paper towels. Use small brushes for the tight areas, and also use them to wax the doorjambs. Change the rag and the water in your bucket to avoid rubbing dirt back in your car. Use a toothbrush around the headlight, door handles,  taillight trim, and mirrors. Also, you should avoid acid-based cleaners on clear coat painted or polished metal surfaces of the wheels.

In this way, you can detail a car and maintains it well. In the future, it becomes easy for you because you can sell your car in Dubai or Canada or any other place at good resale value.



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