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Animated videos are one of the most loved visual formats by people of all age groups as it is engaging and has proven to hold longer attention spans. Research has shown that viewers are 100% more likely to spend time on a website when it has video content vs other sites that require them to read or decipher static images. When used by brands, Animated content has shown to create memorable and lasting impressions.

Additionally, with the advent of smartphones and better penetration of internet – and with 5G now, there is greater access to video viewing on the go. On average, consumers view approximately 1-2 hours of videos daily. Since the consumption is in such large quantities, businesses have begun to take advantage of this enormous potential by giving video-based advertisements a greater priority than other media formats. And using Animation in these videos provides the brand with an additional edge to create a better brand recall and connect with potential customers. Through storytelling, animation is a fantastic technique to communicate technical and complex concepts or ideas which can often bring a vision to life better than words and flat images.

So far, animated children’s movies and cartoons use amusement and imagination to capture the viewers’ attention. Now, marketing strategies can also do the same to engage adult audiences and consumers. Additionally, due to the inherently high entertainment value of animated content, viewers are more inclined to focus on and engage in a video with animation than traditional ads. And this has been showing exceptional results for brands!

Let’s look at some of the benefits businesses can gain by implementing animation in their marketing and advertising strategies.

1) Easy to understand

Everyone processes information differently; by utilizing animation, one may avoid using lengthy texts and make the audience more interested. This will enable the business to communicate complicated facts and big concepts to the audience in a clearer way. Animation is also a great tool to explain actions or even to take someone through the actual process of using a product or a service, thereby allowing a simpler format of communication. It will also help the information stick in their minds and motivate them to find out more about what the company does.

2) Budget-friendly

A business can lower the cost of making a marketing video by using animation. And while the price of creating characters and cartoons from scratch is generally high, it is still affordable as it takes away the need for physically booking shoot venues, hiring models, indulging in lighting and camera equipment, cost of filming, editing, and crew management etc., making animated videos a low investment high ROI option

3) Timelessness and flexibility

A business may utilize a celebrity with a lot of star power to represent or take on the role of the brand ambassador of the company in marketing videos. However, if their star power starts to wane, or if the said personality gets engulfed in any legal or anti-social scandal, the repercussions on the brand are heavy! Apart from financial losses, the brand would also be forced to stop advertising and work on creating a fresh one, with more expenses. With animation, however, one can be assured of the film’s consistency and timelessness, which can continue to drive the same impact on the brand recall over several years and can be used effortlessly for various promotions. Moreover, animations are more likely to be shared on social media networks outside of the marketing campaign.

4) Boosts conversion rates

Animation is a flexible tool for reaching a wider audience since it appeals to adults and children with its fun and imaginative aesthetic. As a result, one can set your business apart from the competition when you design an animation to draw on a broader audience. Additionally, they have the opportunity to produce something that will stick in the minds of the readers and persuade them to share the content on their timelines.

Marketers can benefit from animated advertisements as they are both suitable and budget friendly. All marketers can avail of these video services from a skilled animation production company. All sorts of marketers can benefit from animated advertisements’ suitability and affordability. Their cost is not a significant deciding factor for enterprises. A skilled cartoon production firm can provide video services to marketers with ease. The fact that animation ushers in a new era of advertising aid businesses in capturing customers’ attention and imparting vital information. Additionally, people love to watch animated videos due to the creative aspects.

Effective marketing can help a company build a strong brand, attract new customers, increase sales and improve profitability, the author writes.

  • Published On Feb 2, 2023 at 08:22 AM IST

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