GTA Online’s last background update introduced a strange bug that reset a player’s Auto Shop every time they switched sessions. According to insider reports, this issue has now been fixed with another small update. Rockstar allegedly had to revert the background update, which means that the issue won’t be there anymore the next time players log into the game.

However, it also indicates that the glitches that were fixed by the last background update are now undone. Here’s a detailed report of the new fix that Rockstar made and how it will affect GTA Online players until the next update.

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GTA Online’s Auto Shop reset glitch has allegedly been fixed by Rockstar

As revealed by popular Grand Theft Auto insider Tez2 (@TezFunz2), the weird Auto Shop glitch that plagued GTA Online players since the last background update has now been fixed. This bug affected their Auto Shops, as the property would reset every time they switched the session. It meant that Auto Shop owners would lose all of their collected items during a session, making it seem as though the shop had been raided by another player.

Many fans complained about how they lost everything they had gathered during a Heist Setup, including stolen cars and some crates. Judging by how fast the bug was fixed, Rockstar seems to have taken notice of this flaw as soon as news of it began circulating online. Rockstar originally fixed this Auto Shop glitch in GTA Online last month, but it seemed to have resurfaced with the latest background update.

However, there’s a minor issue with this latest fix. As per reports, Rockstar fixed the bug by simply reverting the game to the last update. Unfortunately, this also means that any of the existing bugs that Rockstar tried to fix with the last background update have now returned. These bugs, as revealed by Tez2, are as follows:

  • Bug with the Play Area Upper Height during Big Shot Deatmatch.
  • Bug where a player gets stuck in another player’s Personal Vehicle inside the Casino Parking Garage once the owner returns the vehicle or leaves the session.
  • Terrorbyte Off-the-radar for GCTF (Give cars to friends) glitch.
  • Agency God Mode workaround glitch.
  • Car to Car Merge workaround glitch.
  • Bunker/CEO MOC (Mobile Operations Center) duplication glitch.

Most of these bugs seemed to be related to exploits like God Mode and car duplication in GTA Online. As such, the average player is unlikely to be affected by them. Nevertheless, Rockstar is expected to roll out another update soon to fix the issues.

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