So far, at the time of writing, Stellantis and Ford Motor Company hadn’t presented their conclusions for the sales evolution of 2023 – but there’s little chance that GM and Toyota aren’t number one and two overall.
The US automotive market is starting the year with a bit of accountability – before the carmakers kick off the first events of 2024, like CES in Las Vegas, they want everyone to know the positives and negatives of their evolution throughout 2023. Thus far, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Audi, Honda, and Subaru have reported their deliveries.

More importantly, we also know how the clash between General Motors and Toyota ended. So, Subaru of America grew its 2023 sales by 13.6%, American Honda jumped 30%, Audi achieved best-ever new car sales figures, Mazda and Nissan grew over 20% each, and Hyundai plus Kia also registered all-time December and annual sales.

We don’t know anything from Stellantis and Ford Motor Company just yet. However, they probably won’t interfere with General Motors and Toyota’s brawl, even though the Blue Oval still claims it has kept the title of America’s best-selling truck for the 47th year in a row. But, overall, GM surely delivered more trucks because the F-Series can’t compete with the combined power of the Silverado and Sierra nameplates from Chevy and GMC.

Back to the GM versus Toyota feud, the Japanese automaker projects its namesake Toyota marque will become the number one retail brand for the 12th consecutive year. Naturally, sales of electrified vehicles (26 options, currently) – especially hybrids and PHEVs – helped the momentum with a 30% increase and made up almost one-third of the total sales volume, along with BEVs and fuel cells.

The total deliveries were 2,248,477 units, an increase of 6.6% in volume. “Toyota’s multi-pathway approach to electrification accelerated in 2023 with even more vehicle choices to meet our customer’s lifestyle and budget,” said Jack Hollis, executive vice president of sales, TMNA. “Our teams are busy preparing for an outstanding 2024 to bring 22 new, refreshed, or special edition vehicles to showrooms, including sedans and more electrified options to satisfy strong customer demand. By the end of 2025, we plan to have an electrified option available for every Toyota and Lexus vehicle in the US.”

However, that wasn’t enough to win the all-out war against General Motors, which remains the largest automaker in the United States, with total deliveries of 2.6 million vehicles across 2023. That’s a more than double increase in volume percentage (14% versus 6.6%) compared to Toyota, and GM says it’s the best-selling manufacturer in many segments: trucks, full-size pickups, full-size SUVs, affordable SUVs, and fleet models.

“GM has tremendous momentum. We grew our market share in 2023, maintaining strong pricing and low incentives. We led the industry in trucks and had great success with our affordable SUVs like the Chevrolet Trax and Buick Envista, some of today’s hottest-selling vehicles,” said Marissa West, GM senior vice president and president of the North American region. “In 2024, we expect industry sales to remain strong, and we’re excited about the opportunities ahead as we expand customer choice with new vehicles like the Chevrolet Equinox EV and Cadillac Escalade IQ.”


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