Father’s Day Gifts For The Car-loving Dad In Your Life

Just as there are thousands of types of dads out there, a million different sorts of gifts exist for all of them. With Father’s Day just around the corner, waiting until the last minute for a gift couldn’t be more of a bad idea! Take time to consider your father or father figure, what he means to you, and what kind of gift would make him happiest. No matter if your papa is the type to finish a Sudoku book in less than a day, listen to records on his turntable nightly, or go on wild outdoor adventures–there’s something out there for every single type of dad in the world.


But if there’s one type of Padre that can be difficult to buy for–it’s the Auto-obsessed dad. Not everyone can afford to go out to the nearest classic car dealership and purchase their dad a shiny convertible–this is a fact. However, there can be found on the internet a myriad of car accessories and products that will make your dad smile.


For instance, most retailers offer certain accessories for your car to make the driving experience more enjoyable and easy. Hudson’s Bay offers a handful of auto accessories like gripping cup-holders, car chargers for mobile tech devices, and air-vent phone holders to keep said devices easily accessible in a safe and non-distracting manner.


Other gifts that automobile-enthusiast dads will love to get their hands on include ones that enhance the music-listening experience of driving. Get dad a Bluetooth cassette adapter, a new aux cord, or a brand new CD player with LED lighting for his ride. Then throw in an Mp3 player or a few burned CD’s with all his favorite oldies loaded onto it. He can spend the time in his car listening to his favorite music and thinking of the lovely child that gave him such a thoughtful gift!


Some automobile-themed presents don’t necessarily go IN the automobile itself. Oftentimes car-loving dads will have a garage or a “man cave” where they work on cars or discuss cars with their friends. This space DEFINITELY needs some decoration. Online you can find all kind of automobile merchandise to put up in a garage–clocks, tool chests, posters and neon signs from favorite makers like Chevy, Ford, and other big names in automobiles. Some places even offer personalized, custom garage signs with your dad’s name or even the name of his beloved car (yes, we know how dads love to name their cars and trucks! Such a dad thing to do.)


You can also get dad certain products to keep in the trunk of his care to ensure safety when things go wrong on the road. Get him a first-aid kit, a set of flares, and other items included in a roadside kit. Cordless tire inflators, glove box battery jumpers, and other such items would make great Father’s Day gifts.


So while shopping for dads may be difficult sometimes, if yours is the type to obsess over vehicles, then you should be covered! After dad sees the amazing automobile-themed gifts you’ve gotten him, you’re sure to be the favorite child!