Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Actually, it’s something less fancy: a bicycle, or two of them, to be more precise. The new products bear the signature of Lamborghini and 3T and represent their continued partnership in this business.
Named the Racemax x Automobili Lamborghini and the Strada x Automobili Lamborghini, they are available in Verde Selvans and Oro Elios and in Viola Pasifae and Arancio Apodis, respectively. Both were designed in collaboration with Centro Stile, and they’re inspired by the auto marque’s super sports cars when it comes to the color palette.

In the press release accompanying the pictures shared above, Lamborghini speaks of “high-quality materials” and “high-end components,” mentioning the electronic shifting and carbon fiber wheels. The Racemax x is made in Italy with 3T carbon components, and the Strada x represents their first venture into this category. The Strada x features two distinct zones: speed in the front half and comfort in the latter, with a curved seat tube integrated within the frame.

Both are available in different frame sizes, like 51, 54, 56, and 58, and they’re built-to-order, taking 12 weeks to complete. The Raging Bull hasn’t mentioned anything about the pricing, but a quick look on 3T’s website reveals that the Strada x costs €8,999 (equal to $9,625) in Europe. Opt for the Racemax x, and you will have to fork out €9,899 ($10,590). That’s hardly new car money, as for something like the Nissan Versa, you are looking at a minimum of $15,830 before destination and dealer fees. However, you could turn to the used car market for a very decent daily in good overall condition for that kind of cash.

As for the Exploro Racemax x Huracan Sterrato, which was unveiled late last year, it truly costs new car money. This is also a built-to-order model, and you are looking at €15,000 ($16,045) for it in the Old Continent. Thus, if you are patient and willing to settle for a base Nissan Versa, then you might just find one in dealer lots waiting to be driven home for the equivalent of roughly $16,000. Mind you, that’s a lot of Benjamins for us mere mortals, and as cool as it may be to some enthusiasts to own a Lamborghini-branded bike, these products are not for everyone. In fact, we can see a Huracan, Aventador, or Urus owner placing a deposit for one rather than someone who owns a mainstream car.

A few years ago, we covered the Bugatti bicycle, and in true Molsheim fashion, it was much more expensive. It was priced from €32,000 back then, equaling $34,235 at today’s exchange rates, and that is performance car territory, with the new Ford Mustang starting at just under $31,000 for the new generation.


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