Auto Shops are arguably one of the best properties you can own in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online in 2024. It is a business establishment that unlocks various money-making methods in the game. Car enthusiasts can also park up to 10 personal vehicles inside the property, which makes the investment worthwhile. Rockstar Games offers five locations to establish the Auto Shop business.

This article will guide you on which Auto Shop location you should buy in GTA Online in 2024 based on your budget.

Note: Some parts of this article are subjective and only reflect the writer’s opinions.

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Which location is the best for the Auto Shop business in GTA Online in 2024?


Rockstar Games offers the following five locations to establish the Auto Shop business in GTA 5 Online:

  • Mission Row – $1,670,000
  • Flints Autos, Strawberry – $1,705,000
  • Auto Body Shop, Rancho – $1,750,000
  • Tuneups, Burton – $1,830,000
  • Auto Shop, La Mesa – $1,920,000

All of them are a bit expensive and require considerable capital to start. Therefore, if you are tight on the budget, you should get the Mission Row Auto Shop. On the other hand, if you have enough money, invest in the La Mesa Auto Shop.

Both of them are located within the urban perimeters of the Los Santos metropolis. The Olympic Freeway, Del Perro Freeway, and the Los Santos Freeway are also nearby, which helps a lot during the commute.


The latest GTA Online weekly update is offering a 30% discount on all Auto Shop locations. This makes purchasing and upgrading the business a lot easier for all players. Rockstar Games offers nine interior styles, nine tint colors, seven emblems, two staff members, personal quarters, an extra car lift, and a one-time membership fee for the Los Santos Car Meet.

While the first three are simple visual upgrades, the others add actual value to the functioning of the business. Owning the extra car lift will spawn two NPC vehicles for service at once, and having both staff members will allow you to deliver through them.

A fully customized Auto Shop usually costs around $4 million. However, the GTA Online weekly discounts should reduce this cost significantly.


The most notable money-making method of the business is the Auto Shop Robbery Contracts. These are mini heists that you can do solo. The payouts of these missions are also reasonable, considering the amount of work required. The most popular Contract is The Union Depository Contract, which pays between $300,000 and $375,000.

Lastly, you can do the daily Exotic Exports mission that pays up to $300,000 upon completion. However, this one spawns as a random event in the open world and requires you to remain in free roam without changing sessions. Nonetheless, the GTA Online Auto Shop Robbery Contracts are the best money-making errands this week in the game.

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