GTA Online The Chop Shop update has added a new racing category to the game called Drift Races. Unlike other multiplayer race events, they award Drift Points. Whoever ends up with the most points wins the race. Only a select few vehicles can participate in these races at the moment, and Rockstar Games has confirmed the list in its latest Newswire post. Players can enhance these vehicles’ drifting capabilities at the LS Car Meet with the help of new drift tuning kits.

With that said, let’s take a look at the five best cars for Drift Races in GTA Online post-The Chop Shop update.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

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Best Drift cars in GTA Online include Annis Remus and 4 other vehicles Drift Races after The Chop Shop update

1) Karin Futo GTX


The Karin Futo GTX is one of the best GTA Online Chop Shop drift cars so far. Therefore, players will find it useful in the Drift Races that were added with The Chop Shop update.

The Futo GTX is Rockstar Games’ iteration of the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86. It has a Rear-Wheel-Drive layout, which benefits drifting. Experienced players will be able to perform long and smooth drifts with this car, which should help them gain a lot of Drift Points.

The Futo GTX also has a 119.75 mph (192.72 km/h) top speed, which makes it useful for other tasks as well. Those interested can get it for $1,590,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos or for its $1,192,500 Trade Price.

2) Fathom FR36

The Fathom FR36 is one of the new cars added with GTA Online Chop Shop update. Players can buy it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1,610,000. The vehicle is a part of the game’s Coupes category and can slide really smoothly once equipped with the LS Car Meet’s drift tuning kit.

Players must maintain balance when making sharp turns with the Fathom FR36. Otherwise, it can spin out of control. However, if this is taken care of, players should win a lot of Drift Points in Drift Races with this ride.

3) Annis Remus


The Nissan Silvia S13-based Annis Remus is another great choice for the Drift Races added with the latest GTA Online update. Just like the Karin Futo GTX, it benefits from its Rear-Wheel-Drive layout while drifting, and the newly introduced drift tuning kits should only help more.

The Annis Remus maintains its balance while sliding and turning at sharp angles, allowing players to keep it under control. It is also a bit cheaper than the previous two entries, with a price tag of $1,370,000 on Southern San Andreas Super Autos and a $1,027,500 Trade Price.

4) Dinka Jester RR


The Dinka Jester RR is based on the Toyota Supra and is one of the most stylish cars in the game. It doesn’t drift as well as the Futo GTX or the Annis Remus but can still hold its own, thanks to its Rear-Wheel-Drive unit. Hence, this is a pretty decent choice for GTA Online’s Drift Races.

As far as overall performance is concerned, the Jester RR can hit an excellent 125.00 mph (201.17 km/h) top speed, making it useful in all types of races. However, it has an expensive price tag of $1,970,000 on Legendary Motorsport with a Trade Price of $1,477,500.

5) Declasse Drift Tampa


Despite having the word “drift” in its name, the Declasse Drift Tampa’s sliding might feel a little restrictive with its standard configurations. However, installing Low Grip Tires from the LS Car Meet fixes this problem to a great extent. The new drift tuning kits should also help it slide better.

The Declasse Drift Tampa is available on Southern San Andreas Super Autos for just $995,000, making it the most affordable car on this list.

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