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5 best cars added to GTA Online Chop Shop update

The GTA Online Chop Shop DLC has added 15 new vehicles to the game files. However, Rockstar Games has yet to release some of them in-game. These vehicles belong to different classes and categories and also have different utilities. However, most players always prefer getting their hands on the best vehicle in the market. Unfortunately, the multiplayer game offers no features to test a new vehicle before purchase.

Therefore, this article lists five of the best cars you can buy in GTA Online after The Chop Shop DLC update.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer’s opinions.

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5 best cars Rockstar Games added with the GTA Online: The Chop Shop update

1) Grotti Turismo Omaggio

The Grotti Turismo Omaggio is undoubtedly the most talked-about car in the GTA Online Chop Shop DLC. Rockstar Games teased it days before the release, and after the update, it successfully managed to maintain its hype. This supercar is based on the real-life Ferrari F8 Tributo. Its stylish looks and aerodynamic design can attract anyone’s attention on the streets.

Rockstar Games also offers Imani Tech features for the Grotti Turismo Omaggio. You can equip the vehicle with a Missile Lock-On Jammer and Remote Control Unit. Although it has no extra armor upgrade, the Missile Lock-On Jammer should keep you safe in crowded lobbies. The studio also offers a special Rockstar Motorsport livery upgrade for the vehicle.

2) Fathom FR36

The Fathom FR36 is one of the few cars with the Drift Tuning Modification upgrade in GTA Online. While the overall design of the vehicle is simple and rounded, the Drift Tuning makes it stand out in the crowd. After the modification, it becomes one of the best drifting cars in the multiplayer game.

The Fathom FR36 is based on the real-life Infiniti G35 (V35). It is a sports coupe that has a five-speed transmission box. According to the game files, the top speed of the base model is only 95.07 mph (153.00 km/h). However, you can increase it to 121.50 mph (195.53 km/h) by fully upgrading the car.

3) Bravado Dorado

If you are an off-road enthusiast, one of your best choices is the Bravado Dorad, which is among the fastest off-road cars in GTA Online. Although the actual top speed is yet to be measured by the community, many YouTubers have reported that it has a high top speed and a relatively quick acceleration.

Rockstar Games offers many off-road customization options that indicate that the Bravado Dorado is made for rough terrains. It has great handling, making it ideal for uneven roads. However, GTA Online players must use off-road tires and a high vehicle stance for the purpose.

4) Karin Vivanite

The Karin Vivanite is one of the best choices for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S players, as it comes with HSW upgrades. It is one of the fastest vehicles in GTA 5 Online due to the special modifications. While its normal top speed is 105.50 mph (169.79 km/h), the HSW mods push the car’s speed to 128.00 mph (206.00 km/h).

The Karin Vivanite is a four-seater SUV based on the real-life fourth-generation Toyota Sienna (XL40). It has a huge, bulky body with a long wheel base. However, the single gear controls all four wheels simultaneously.

5) Albany Cavalcade XL

The Albany Cavalcade XL is one of the newest cars in GTA Online. Similar to the Vivanite, the Cavalcade XL has a huge body with a boxy design. It is a luxury SUV based on the real-life 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V. Rockstar Games offers some of the best customization options for the vehicle.

Although its actual top speed is yet to be tested, many YouTubers have claimed the Albany Cavalcade XL has a decent top speed and acceleration. You can use the car as a daily ride in GTA Online. The Southern San Andreas Super Autos website sells it for $1,665,000.

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