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Buying The Best Gaming Laptop Due to increasing in the number of gaming laptops their prices have gone down and purchased one is no longer a big deal. Now people no longer consider just buying a gaming laptop but are now going for the best. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to laptop buying. Due to the availability of many gaming laptops manufacturers people now want the best among the many that are in the market.Now that people are spoilt for choice due to the increase in number of manufacturers people want the best High demands on performance often conflict with portability, that suggests gaming laptops still have some long way to go. Therefore having a guideline when buying a gaming laptop is very crucial when it comes to buying the best gaming laptop. The following are some of the major factors one should look for to ensure purchase of the best gaming laptop. The GPU which carries the games’ graphics is very important to consider the best. Many gamers consider having the best graphics available. It is always good to aim for the best performance on laptops by doubling up and having two graphics cards. Playing the latest available games in the market can make you prefer this graphics cards as they provide the best graphics. Great choice of the best gaming laptops with among the best graphics can be aided by various benchmarks. With a good analyzed check you can be able to tell the best GPU From the various benchmarks gathered you can be able to tell which is the best Graphics Cards Unit to go for. It is very basic that best GPU cannot be found in the cheap laptops. Also consider the Central Processing Unit (CPU). In the processor sector Intel and AMD tops the list. However intel is some steps ahead than others since nothing is yet to be comparable to its performance. Various best version of the AMD series cannot beat even the third latest intel core that is core i3. Latest generation is always the most preferred. Skylake the sixth generation of intel CPU core is the latest preceded by Broadwell.The latest generation of intel is the Skylake which was preceded by broadwell generation of intel cores For gamers core i5 is recommended since spending on graphics and memory is prioritized than spending much on processor. RAM of the gaming laptop is also a factor to consider. 8GB RAM works well with most of the latest games in terms of good speed. If your liking is to have a lot of applications running at once then a lot of video editing might be required, if you would like to stream your favorite games or future proof a little a bit then then a 12GB Ram to 16GB RAM is recommended. Drivers should also be put into consideration. SDD drivers are preferred to the HDD ones. The prices of SDD always supersedes that of HDD. SDD drives provide a very good speed boost while it comes to booting up your laptop and loading your games, which makes it worth that extra cost.

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