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Factors to Consider When Choosing Baghouse Filter Bags

Filter bags are mainly used in the industrial setting to keep off dangerous substances and ensure the safety of your customers and workers. The following are crucial tips for choosing the right fabric filter bag.

First of all, know what you are filtering before you begin your purchase for a filter bag. The efficiency of the filter bag will depend on how well it will tolerate the working environment so that it does not cause danger to your emeployees. For instance, certain materials are highly flammable, therefore, you need to consider fibers such as epitropic felt, acrylic felt, polyester and polypropylene that support combustion.

The next step is to determine the right-sizing of your bag before you make a final filter bag selection. In order to ensure that your filter system performs as required, you can take the measurements of a spare bag and compare it with your current filter measurement. Similarly, contact your manufacturer to help you select the right filter size for a successful performance.

You also need to consider the inlet temperature at the unit as it will play a crucial role in the selection of a fabric filter. Make sure that the fabric you chose can be able to withstand the temperature whether it rises or drops. This is crucial because filters made of thermoplastic can be destroyed when they are exposed to very high heat. When selecting filters to be sued at high temperatures, it is advisable to use fabrics like felt polyamide or aramid.

Make sure the filter you chose can be able to resist the chemical makeup of the dust particles. Consider if the chemical gas stream is highly active or acidic and consider a fabric that will be able to withstand these particles. A perfect fit for such environment is Teflon whose fibers are chemical resistant to heat degradation. Teflon which has low friction properties is mostly used in boilers, carbon black plants and incinerators.

The risk of a static shock is high in factory setting, hence, it is crucial to keep in mind the dangers of the static before purchasing your filter bag. Determine which substances will be filtered and choose a filter bag that will be able to manage that risk. You can reduce the risk of static shock by using fabrics like polyester felt or those with carbonized filament as well as bags equipped with stainless steel or copper ground wires.

Do some research on the manufacturing company and ensure that they adhere to strict standards during their manufacture of their products. A competent company will have qualified technical sales designers and they will not hesitate to provide you with more information of the baghouse filter bags to help you make an informed buying decision.

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