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What Are The Characteristics To Look Out For In A Good Realtor

It is believed that 20% makes realtors while 80% makes commissions. What this means is that many people out there are not making as much as you would imagine. This statistic may not be realistic because there is a high percentage this made instantly. There are however others who are making a kill out of the game. There are others who are just floating with no sales and some result in going back to other things that they did as they have given up.

Get To Know Your Neighborhood

In her quest to know her neighbors well she assumed the name of the estate. She is a realtor and assuming the name of the estate means she knows it inside out. If anything is selling in that neighborhood she is aware. If a property is on sale in that estate she knows at how much it is going for, the reason for the sale and where the seller is relocating for. She gives her opinion on if the sale was a gain or loss. This just says, know your neighborhood. Understand the properties being sold and which are not being sold. If there is an area that buyers are not willing to buy know it and find out why. Which areas have high demand for rentals? Now for you to be successful in this kind of business you should be efficient. This means do not undertake what you cannot achieve.

Communicate Relate With People

In real estate, the agents and especially are not a trust lot of people. What can be done to build the faith? Cultivate good relations with good communication. There may not be any questions from your sellers if you have briefed them on what you do instead they will appreciate your commitment and efforts.

Be Reachable

Do not forget to return that call or respond to that email. Be available when you can in as much as sometimes it is not easy to be available always. If you decide to respond to emails and calls at a given time please stick to it. You will miss leads and faith by people will be lost.

Get Prospectives

Leads generation is the bread and butter of many realtors. There are several ways that a realtor can use to get leads. Referrals, social media, letter drops. Ask for a referral each time you sell a house.


Good networking involves keeping in touch with people even if it does not benefit you. If you go for fuel and the seller tells you he would like to hire a fridge technician. Contact your fridge technician and send him to the petrol seller. Connections are maintained by the desire to stay connected to people.

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