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Most Common Essential Oils and their Benefits for Wellness

Though you might have heard about essential oils only as of late, they actually have been in existence for centuries now. As a matter of fact, there are tons of proof that early civilizations, i.e. Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and the Greeks used them for varying purposes. There is evidence that essential oils were utilized for their inherent and natural effectiveness in giving relief and healing properties, which means that they were present in rituals, treatment of illnesses, massage, and even personal hygiene.

By definition, an essential oil is a concentrated plant extract that comes in with the purest quality. In the modern day use of essential oils, they no longer are just limited to the use in rituals and hygiene as one particular type can help in some type of wellness objective, including the lessening and easing of pain, inflammation, and congestion, as well as fighting health problems like infection, nausea, and common allergies.

So the premise is this: when it comes to the promotion of good health and wellness, there is one particular variety of essential oil that will provide that much needed help. For this post, we’ll be looking at the most popular essential oils that help promote wellness in people.
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1 – Tea Tree Oil
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Tea tree oil is believed to be possessing healing properties against inflammation, viruses, and even cancer. It is proven as an effective treatment for oral health problems, more particularly the presence of bacteria and gingivitis. It also is known as a treatment for dandruff and acne.

2 – Lavender Oil

The reason why this essential oil from the lavender plant is so popular is because it has one of the highest number of wellness properties, including the ability to prevent inflammation, anxiety, and cancer; while also possessing antibacterial and antioxidant properties. And if you’ve heard a lot of good things about it, that’s because all of them are true. And maybe the most remarkable thing about this essential oil is that while it remains to be versatile, it also is quite gentle.

3 – Eucalyptus Oil

One unique thing about this essential oil is its minty and camphor-like aroma. The smell of eucalyptus is one reason why not all people can tolerate it. But it never can be denied that it remains to be the most effective way of dealing with cough and common cold. Since it has natural pesticide properties, it is very effective in killing insects and pests, as well as fungus and bacteria.

4 – Lemon Oil

Last on our list is lemon oil, which you should know is a very effective antiseptic and antibacterial agent. Both properties are responsible for making lemon oil as the main natural ingredient for an effective home cleaning solution. It likewise is rich in D-limonene, making it a nice alternative for combatting wrinkles and improving the tone of the skin.

Those are the four most popular essential oils today for wellness, but there still are so many others that you may want to discover on your own.