Changing Face of Insurance Sector in India

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Ever since the advent of Comprehensive Act of Insurance in 1938, the country has witnessed many changes over the past decades in the insurance sector. Initially, the insurance sector remained confined with urban sector only. It was after the 1970s that insurance did become a matter of concern for rural sector as well. After 1999, on the constitution of IRDAI, there has been a changing face of the insurance sector in India by large.

Launch of New Products

It was endowment policies and money back policies which were prevalent at the beginning. But with the changing face of the insurance sector in India, there has been a rapid change in the products too. Apart from the usual plans, there has been inculcation of child plans, term plans, pension plans, ULIP (investment plans), crop insurance, machinery insurance, fire insurance, etc.

New Digital Era

Over the years, digitalization is seen everywhere. It has been the case with insurance sector too. Purchase of plans, servicing, renewals, payments of premiums online, handling claims online, customer feedback and much more is being done in the insurance sector.

Advent of Digital Payment For Insurance

With the support of our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi the demonetization has been a boon to the insurance sector for insurers as well as the policyholders. There has been a discount of 8 to 10 percent on services related to general and life insurances. Be it buying a new policy or paying premium online through public sector undertaking websites, the result is phenomenal. The insurers get their premiums on time and policyholders get the discounts.

This, in turn, has benefited the entire economy system of India.  There has been an accountability of money, generation of taxes and overall improvement in the mainstream economy of the country. In short, when …

Instructions on how to buy used cars for beginners

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1. Find Out Background Car
Car background is the thing you need to consider before deciding to buy a used car. If you meet the owner of the car directly, this will make it easier for you to find out the background of the car.

When meeting car owners, try asking these questions:

When did you buy this car?
How often do you drive this car? Where have you been?
Where is the furthest route ever taken?
Besides you, who often uses this car?
Has this car ever been in an accident?
How many times during the year do you service?
Are certain spare parts ever replaced? When and why?
Why are you selling this car?

If you have questions that you think need to be submitted for car owners, please add them. After getting answers to your questions, start car checking.

2. Check Car Body
Previously, ask the car owner for permission to check the vehicle. By doing a physical check, you will soon know the honesty of the owner of the car, a lot of good second hand cars auckland here.

Note the condition of the car paint, whether still smooth or there are points of rust, scratches, dents, or patches. Note every detail of the car body, from front to back, from top to bottom, from right to left.

Note also the ceiling (the top of the car). The ceiling is still good is still thick because it will protect the air temperature in the car, especially during the day.

In addition, note the four tires, whether still good or already worn out. If some are thinning, of course you have to spend more money to replace it.

3.Check Car Engine
Once you are satisfied to look outside the car, it’s time to check the car engine. …