Buying a dump truck for both mining and construction is not a difficult thing. But with more brands on the market, you as a buyer must be very keen in choosing. For that, it would not hurt to take a peek at the following 4 tips before starting to pick and buy trucks at dealers or showrooms that sell reliable heavy equipment in order to get a dump truck to your liking.

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Determine the need of using dump truck

To be able to get a dump truck that suits your needs, then the first thing to do is to first determine the needs of the use of the truck. Whether to transport mine material, crops, or to transport materials of construction materials. How much transportation capacity is required. Different needs of this course is also different types or types of dump trucks suitable for purchase.

Adjust the budget

Before starting to buy, it’s good to find information in advance related to the price of dump trucks in the market. Sometimes, different dealers can also make the price of trucks sold differ. Well, you can try doing a little research by visiting some dealers who sell heavy equipment to compare the prices offered and then choose the one that suits your pocket. If the price of dump truck in new condition is not in accordance with the budget, then you can try to consider buying a used dump truck (second).

Choose a trusted brand

Currently there are many brands of dump trucks available in the Indonesian market. Starting from brands that come from Europe, America, Korea, Japan, and even China. Although some brands sometimes offer a much cheaper price, but you should choose a dump truck from a well-known and trusted brands such as UD Truck, Scania, Hino, and Mistubishi.

Perform a detailed examination

After finding the dump truck that suits your needs and budget, do not forget to check the condition of the truck thoroughly. This check is important to make sure the condition of the truck is in top shape, especially when you buy trucks in used conditions. If this is the first time you buy, it’s a good idea to invite someone who has experience and understand about dump trucks, such as technicians from your company, to help with the inspection.

Choose the right dealer or showroom dump truck

To get the maximum after sales service, then it is better to buy a dump truck from a dealer or showroom that already has a good name and reputation. The dealer or showroom is also usually equipped with a workshop as well as a complete spare parts supply. This will certainly make it easier for you to maintain or facilitate the maintenance of trucks and repairs in case of damage.

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