However, buying a quality and safe used car is not easy. It may be that the car has good quality but the letters are incomplete or fake, or even involved with crime or all kinds of crimes.

1. In the digital age, finding a dream car is not as difficult as it used to be. Now you can search cars on trusted websites, please visit here for information about new car : dfsk

2. Find the car according to your needs and family, as well as budget. Consider resale value, as some Indonesians are very concerned about this issue, for more information: Jaguar Personal Lease

3. Investigate your prospective car. When you have found some of the preferred car candidates, do an investigation to the dealer or the seller. Ask about the condition of the car and the police number. If you have been informed about the car, then ask its history to the official workshop and police to make sure you are not deceived (you can ask if it ever crashed, flooded, theft / criminal, etc.), for more information: Audi Q3 Used Cars

4. Go to the showroom or the seller, and ask for a test drive. When the car has been declared safe by an authorized workshop or police force, you should come to the showroom and physically examine the car thoroughly from end to end and feel the car instantly for several kilometers (crossing roads damaged, turns, climbs or derivatives).

5. Check with the seller, parts or components that have been replaced or repaired. Because if there are still some parts or components have not been replaced or repaired will be your responsibility when it is bought.

6. Negotiate. When you feel confident with the condition of the car then negotiate with the seller, ask what facilities are offered by them in addition to asking the amount of discount. Ask also how the dealer responds if there are complaints from consumers.

7. Choose a trustworthy leasing company. Today many people buy used cars on credit. Well, make sure the showroom has a number of leasing partners with a trusted insurance company. Our advice, choose a credit package that will not burden you in the future.

8. If you buy a used car in cash, then insure your car.

9. Warranty. A number of used car dealers or showrooms provide warranty. You should choose to buy a car in showrooms like this. Notice also what is guaranteed and the things that abort it, and until when the warranty applies.

10. Color selection. perhaps in many other countries, the color of a car will affect the resale price. Therefore, do not choose colors that are not common because hrga selling can be cheaper than the same car with the year of production, the type and the same conditions.

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